1. Make sure that your PC is connected to Internet, as an internet connection is necessary to verify the license.2. Make sure you are using your registered PC and registered Nokia Music Unlimited device. You can check your PC in Account > Music account > Registered devices. Your device should be the one your received in the sales pack. If you have received a replacement device because of repair, and your are seeing a message as "This is not your registered device", please contact Nokia Care with your Nokia Music username and IMEI (serial number) of your device.3. Make sure that the time and date is correct on both your PC and you mobile device.4. Make sure that the correct USB mode is used when connecting the phone to a PC. You will need to use the Media Transfer or Printing & Media mode.5. Ensure that there is enough free memory space in your device.6. If an error message related to software updates or memory cards is received, one option is to try formatting the phone's memory card/mass memory. However that means that all content on your memory card/mass memory will be lost, so make sure to do a back up.Also, whenever any content is downloaded via PC using Nokia Music Player, the user must play the content* first on the local PC before it can be transferred to the registered device.  This is due to a component needing to be updated within the DRM of the content.

*In the case of albums being downloaded, only the first track needs to be played in order to acquire the relevant component in order to transfer the album.