How to set up your new Windows Phone 8

Make your start screen fit your personality and get quick access to all of your favorite apps. Find out how to do this and more in the video below

Free apps move it for you.

Our free apps let you seamlessly transition to your new Nokia Lumia. The pre-installed Transfer My Data app on our Lumia phones moves all your contacts over using Bluetooth. Welcome Home to Windows Phone lets you move all your media and contacts in one go.

Download “Welcome Home to Windows Phone” app


Buy a Nokia Lumia 1320, Lumia 1020 or Lumia 625 and get an app gift worth £20 from the Windows Phone Store, only with EE

Help is at hand.

If you ever need help, there’s plenty of advice online, look out for blogs, forums and videos all relating to the Nokia Lumia. Alternatively, check out Nokia Support where you’ll find user guides, discussions, FAQs and more.

Nokia Support Centre

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