Personal and productive email is a free email service built to keep you connected across your devices with powerful organisational tools and a suite of Microsoft apps and services.

One address for all your Microsoft apps and services

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One sign in for email, OneDrive and more

Your address connects you to more than just your inbox. Sign in to Skype, find your contacts and Calendar and work in Office Online.

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One address on all your devices

OneDrive is built in to, so it's easy to share documents, photos or videos without attaching anything. You can even save attachments that you receive directly to OneDrive, which you can access from any device.

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Keep your formatting intact

With Word Online, you can keep your document formatting intact from start to finish, and quickly send files via email.

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Access Office Online for free

Office Online is accessible straight from your inbox. Create and edit Excel spreadsheets, even if you don't have Office installed on your device.

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Collaborate in real time

Invite your contacts to work together in PowerPoint Online. Multiple people can work on the same presentation at the same time.

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All your notes on all your devices

Sync your notes across all of your devices when you sign in to OneNote with your address.

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See friends and family in HD

Send messages, make calls and video chat without leaving your inbox with Skype for

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Make scheduling simpler

Access your Calendar straight from your inbox. Subscribe to online calendars, and share your agenda with friends and family.

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Centralise your contacts connects with Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can instantly populate your address book with the services that you're already using.

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One address for Windows

When you sign in to Windows with all your Mail, Calendar and other account information automatically syncs, so you can seamlessly connect on any device.

One address on all your devices

Use your email address to access your messages, files and other Microsoft apps on any device.

Automatically synced. Anywhere access.

Android Phone with Outlook app.
iPhone with Outlook app.
Windows Phone

Set up your account on your mobile device.

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Your email, reimagined makes organising your communications easy so that you see more of the messages you want to see and less of the junk you don't.

Clean, simple mailbox

  • Organise automatically

    File or delete hundreds of emails from your inbox in seconds with Sweep. Manage rules to automatically delete unwanted email before it arrives.

  • Block unwanted mail

    Stop getting newsletters, daily deals or other recurring messages that you don't want instantly with Unsubscribe.

  • Smart sorting automatically categorises newsletters, social updates, photos and other types of mail. You can also create your own custom categories, and filter your inbox to see specific types of messages.

  • Multi-media mail

    When you get an email with photos, turns them into a beautiful slideshow. YouTube™ videos play straight in your inbox.

  • Skype from your inbox

    Reach friends and family instantly through Skype while you check your mail.

  • Switch to

    The import wizard will migrate your existing email messages from Gmail, Yahoo Mail or other services; connect your contacts; and forward future mail all to

    Upgrade from Gmail Upgrade from Yahoo Mail
  • Multiple addresses, one inbox

    One inbox for all facets of your life. Create unique email addresses for family, friends, sport, hobbies, work or anything else that you’re into and manage them all from one inbox.

  • Connected cloud storage

    Save email attachments to your connected OneDrive account and access and edit the files from all your devices.