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Online Privacy & Safety

Protect your privacy from identity theft. Don't be fooled by online and email scams. Protect your reputation.

Help secure your wireless network

Help secure your wireless network

If you don't secure your wireless network, everything on your network, including personal information, could be accessed by strangers.

Don't let strangers use your network

Password-protect your wireless connection. Turn on WEP (wired equivalency privacy) or WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) on all of your devices, including your router, your media centre, and your Microsoft Xbox entertainment system. For more information, see Set up a security key for a wireless network.

Move your wireless router

Place the wireless access point away from windows and near the centre of your house to decrease the signal strength outside of the intended coverage area.

Defend your computer

Keep all software current (including your web browser) with automatic updating. Make sure that your firewall is turned on and use antivirus and antispyware software from a source that you trust, such as Microsoft Security Essentials. (Don't forget to watch out for fake alerts for security software.) For more information, see How to boost your malware defense and protect your PC.