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Effective date 25.4.2014

Your privacy in the social networking features

The following supplement combined with Microsoft Mobile Service Terms together with Microsoft Mobile’s Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Term”) govern your use of the service, site and software (collectively, the “Service”). It explains how we process your personal data when you use our products and services for social networking features in the device. Social networking features allow you to interact with your friends in a number of Social Networking Services (SNS).

What information is stored on your device?

The social networking features allow you to share the contents you generated to SNS as well as retrieving the social contents from SNS. For example, your contacts in various SNS will be visible on your device in a view that displays among other things their profile picture, status updates, contact information and latest activities. You may also send updates and otherwise interact with your social networks by using your device.

The combination of your contacts and their activities takes place on your device. The combined aggregated view is only available on your device. Microsoft Mobile does not store the linked information, your SNS profile, friend lists, your friends’ contact information or such SNS profile related information unless otherwise described below or you have agreed to such processing in connection with a different service. You control the information you store on your device.

What information is processed by the SNS?

The user profiles, friend lists, status updates, contact information or other such personal information in the SNS is controlled by you, the SNS or other third parties. Your visibility to friends and internet users is managed by your community's privacy settings. Each SNS has its own privacy policy and service terms which govern your use and the sharing of information on that service. You should familiarize yourself with the SNS’s terms of use, privacy policy and available privacy settings. Microsoft Mobile is not responsible for the privacy, information security or any other practices of such service providers. Microsoft Mobile does not guarantee the availability of any SNS.

What information is processed by Microsoft Mobile?

Nokia account may be required for using the social networking features depending on the device model.

When you use the social networking features on your device, certain technical information such as the type and serial number of your mobile device, internet protocol address, your mobile network and country codes, time zone, technical details of your client as well as your transactions with Microsoft Mobile will be automatically collected by Microsoft Mobile. As further explained in Microsoft Mobile’s privacy policy this information is used to provide you with the services, to develop and improve the services as well as to personalize our offering and to make recommendations.

Although the content of your interactions with your SNS, for example status updates, is sent through Microsoft Mobile’s servers, Microsoft Mobile does not process such information for any purpose other than to facilitate the effective exchange of such content.

Microsoft Mobile does not store your passwords that you use for your SNS. Instead, a unique authentication token is used to authenticate you as the right SNS user. This access token together with your user identifier and username from the SNS are stored on Microsoft Mobile server. They are used for the interaction with SNS and also help your login on a new device.

In some cases, a unique identifier is assigned to your contacts. The identifier is stored in Microsoft Mobile’s servers. No other information of your contacts is stored by Microsoft Mobile. The identifier is associated with your Nokia account to connect you with the right contacts. The identifier is deleted when your contact either terminates their SNS account or their friendship with you in the SNS.

Other important information

To protect your data, log out from this feature or apply the lock code on your device to prevent other persons from accessing your SNS.

Using SNS requires network connection. For data transmission charges contact your service provider. Find out more information about the feature from user guide.

Other important information

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