Online safety tips

Are you a parent? Is your child online, or using mobile internet services?

If you’re a parent, we’ve collected some advice and guidelines to help your children stay safe when they go online.

Take a close look at the internet services your children use

Consider setting up your own account to see what the service is all about. Make sure that your children are old enough to use the service. Talk to your child about any concerns you may have.

Teach children that certain information is personal

Help your children to carefully consider whether they should publicly disclose information like their full name, street address and phone number. Make sure they know that family financial information is personal and should stay that way. Tell children not to choose a user name, identity and/or profile that gives away too much personal information.

Explain to your children to only post things they are comfortable with others seeing

Encourage your child to think about every comment, picture and video they post online. Employers, school admissions officers, coaches, and teachers may see your child’s postings.

Teach your children that when they post anything online, it remains there for a long time

Even if your child deletes information from a website, copies or older versions may exist on other people’s computers and be recirculated online – for an indefinite period.

Teach your children about the dangers of online bullying

Online bullying takes many forms, from spreading rumours online and posting private messages without the sender’s approval, to sending threatening messages. Encourage children to talk to you if they feel targeted by a bully.

Teach your children about discussing sex online

Make sure your children know never to talk about sex with strangers online or send sexually revealing pictures of themselves or anyone else.

Tell your children not to lie about their age

Teach your children that if they say they’re 18 or over when they’re not (for instance), this is a dishonest statement that can get them into trouble.

Teach your children to be aware of sites they use

Encourage your children to be aware of a site’s safety notifications and privacy standards before they save any personal information or make a post. Make sure your children understand how privacy settings work on social media sites, so they know how to protect themselves online.

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