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Do you need help with your mobile phone? Our customer service officers are always ready to help - just call us. We are open 0900 - 1800hrs, Sunday-Thursday, including public holidays.

Call us on: +880 1819200077

Before you call

To expedite the handling of your call, have the following information available:

If possible, please call us on a phone that is different than the one you have questions on to allow for troubleshooting directly on the phone during the call.

To find serial number (IMEI), try one of the following

  • If you have a Lumia phone, go to Settings > about > more information, and find your serial number (IMEI).
  • Look on, beside or inside the SIM card or memory card slot
  • Dial *#06# on your phone. Some phones display the serial number when this code is dialed.
  • If your phone has a removable battery, switch off the phone and remove the battery. Your serial number (IMEI) - is printed on a white label inside the phone.
  • You can always check your serial number (IMEI) on the original box for your phone.
  • Reference your proof of purchase/receipt/contract.
  • Contact your service provider.

The serial number may follow the letters ESN, IMEI or MEID

Example (make sure all letters are in caps): 

ESN: 12345678912 (11 digits)

IMEI: 123456789123456 (15 digits)

MEID HEX: 123A456B789C123 (14 or 15 characters)

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