Government Technology Solutions

Business Mobility

From running a local representative’s office to managing a team of first responders, public service challenges are unique. Using Microsoft systems such as Office 365 for government, public sector organisations can take advantage of technology and build efficiencies into their operation.

To find the right solutions for you, select the need you’d like to address.

  • Increase mobility

    "Public servants need mobile access so they can connect with critical information."

  • Become more responsive

    "My agency needs to make faster, more informed decisions."

  • Secure citizen data

    "I need to protect administration and citizen data as my team adopts new technology."

  • Office 365

    "By a margin of three to one, our business users found Office 365 to be far more secure, less disruptive, and a better fit for their average workday than Google Apps."

    – Anthony Olivieri

    Director of IT, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

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