Health Integration/BI - Corolar

Business Need

The more that healthcare delivery moves towards a regional management model, the higher the need for analysis and reporting tools that provide an integrated systems view. In order to plan effectively and allocate resources efficiently, collaborative healthcare groups - like Ontario's 14 local health integrated networks - require access to a centralized system that allows them to manage multiple locations as one. They also require accurate, timely information in order to respond more efficiently to Government policies, such as the quantitative models used to determine funding levels and allocate service programs. In the absence of an automated approach, data collection and reporting is a laborious, resource-intensive process, and access to reliable key performance indicators and metrics remains limited.


The Integrated Decision Support (IDS) Portal developed by Dapasoft Inc. is an end-to-end reporting and analysis web portal originally designed for a regional network of 15 hospitals and related healthcare organizations in Ontario. Data is collected at the backend from disparate locations across a region and presented in a single, integrated interface supported by reports (both standard and ad-hoc), scorecards, dashboards, charts and other relevant content. The IDS Portal leverages the full Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server. In addition to providing a centralized reporting capability, it arms participating organizations with the timely data they need to analyze operational data, identify areas for improvement, reduce costs, improve efficiency and ultimately improve the quality of patient care across the region.

Features and Benefits

  • Links patient level data across multiple sources and episodes to track patient flow to quickly and effort Collects timely data from across a geographically dispersed network of organizations
  • Provides a consolidated view of key performance indicators and other metrics
  • Uses innovative analytics and visualization techniques to link and present data in a meaningful way Supplies secure and intuitive web-based access through a user-friendly portal
  • Supports standardized measurement, monitoring and improvement of critical quality of care measures
  • Enables administrators to optimize patient flow throughout a regional network
  • Replaces current manual processes with resource-efficient, electronic reporting
  • Facilitates more accurate peer review for benchmarking and joint service planning
  • Enables regional healthcare organizations to respond effectively to government policies

The IDS Portal provides timely analysis of data from several sources, giving regional healthcare networks a distinct advantage when it comes to managing multiple locations as one entity.