Infection Control - Hospital Watch Live

Business Need

Controlling and stopping the spread of infectious organisms is a must-solve problem facing healthcare facilities everywhere. Each year, more than 90,000 unnecessary deaths occur in the U.S. as a result of hospital acquired infections (HAI) and the Centre for Disease Control reports that HAI could be the fourth leading cause of death. The costs of managing HAI can be exorbitant, particularly during an outbreak when a hospital's brand, reputation in the local community, workplace safety and ability to deliver services are all severely impacted. Yet, there are no known methods for comprehensively dealing with infection transmission in a hospital setting.


Hospital Watch Live is a real-time location and tracking system that not only solves the mystery of how infectious organisms move about a healthcare facility, but also helps to break the chain of transmission. Born out of the Toronto SARS crisis in 2003, the automated system combines hardware, software and knowledge services to follow and record the movement, contact and interaction of patients, staff and equipment, providing unprecedented insight into the chain of transmission. When combined with preventative action - such as good hand hygiene - this knowledge helps to reduce the number of hospital acquired infections and ultimately prevents them from spreading. The first system to automate universally accepted techniques and methods for infection control, Hospital Watch Live easily integrates with existing hospital information systems. It was designed from the ground up with respect for privacy and a strong commitment to the Privacy-by-Design philosophy, relying on the use of RFID tags, along with Microsoft SQL Database, Microsoft BizTalk Server and .Net Framework.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides continuous real-time infection control surveillance
  • Quickly and effectively tracks, contains and controls infectious outbreaks
  • Promotes hand hygiene compliance
  • Detects infection hotspots
  • Replaces manual, incomplete and inadequate contact tracing with an automated system that is risk-rated, accurate and instantaneous
  • Creates a new Gold Standard for workplace safety and quality
  • Immediately alerts clinicians upon exposure
  • Ensures hospital equipment and rooms are properly disinfected to prevent spread
  • Provides a map and dashboard for information at a glance
  • Includes a suite of analytical tools to understand, control and stop the HAI problem
  • Delivers an evidence-based change management plan to prevent future infections
  • Strong commitment to privacy principles such as Privacy By Design

Hospital Watch Live is an innovative platform to control and stop hospital superbugs.