e-Referrals - Manitoba eHealth

Business Need

There's nothing more frustrating than waiting months to see a medical specialist only to learn that, based on your symptoms, you don't meet referral criteria or that certain tests that should have been completed ahead of time are missing. Yet, it's an all-too-common patient experience across North America. Not only do improper referrals regularly occur, they also cause bottlenecks in the healthcare system. In the worst case scenario, patient referrals are at risk of getting lost due to a process that still relies heavily on paper forms and faxing. What's lacking is an automated framework that more clearly defines pathways to care, completes the communication cycle between family physician and specialist, and ensures the three 'Rs' of medical referral are met: getting the right patient to the right specialist with the right requirements already met.


Developed in conjunction with Manitoba Health, Imaginet's eReferral & Consultation is a first-of-its-kind solution designed to improve the overall patient referral experience by increasing the accuracy of information available to both family physicians and specialists. Fully integrated with electronic medical records (EMRs), it provides an on-line consultation framework that uses more than 80 pre-defined and customizable care pathways to deliver a highly efficient referral process. As a support mechanism, the eReferral & Consultation solution facilitates correct referrals by arming physicians with information about specific referral criteria, including patient symptoms, specialist requirements and availability. It then closes the communication loop by providing an automated way for specialists to respond to requests, ensuring proper referrals every time.

Features and Benefits

  • A hybrid solution that supports full integration with EMRs as well as a Web-based portal for clinics that have not yet deployed EMRs
  • Supports more than 80 best-practice pathways for a wide variety of specialist referrals
  • Easy to-use Pathway Builder allows users to modify existing pathways
  • Referrals are automatically populated with relevant patient data
  • Runs in a hosted environment; supports both public and private clouds
  • Reduces overall referral wait times; improves referral experience
  • Gives healthcare administrators powerful insight into referral data collected
  • Adheres to HL7-CDA R2 document standards
  • Patient identifying information is encrypted to ensure privacy