Patient Outreach

Business Need

Managing the health of a patient population is an arduous task. It's widely known that providing information about preventative care, such as recommended visits, tests, procedures and follow-up, leads to better health outcomes. Nevertheless, keeping track of patient needs and providing ongoing outreach remains a largely manual and time-consuming process, prone to error and oversight. The more that healthcare providers shift from a micro model of patient relationship management to a macro one, the more they require an effective system for proactively communicating and collaborating with their patients. This is particularly true when managing targeted populations related to chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Often the IT environments within healthcare are so fragmented that it is difficult – if not impossible – to access the complete, relevant and accurate information required to execute an effective patient outreach program.


Knowledgetech's Patient Recruitment and Outreach Solution for Healthcare is an interactive patient
relationship management platform based on Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. A proactive solution for client outreach and follow-up, it connects healthcare organizations to the up-to-date information they need in order to meet their complex patient recruitment and retention challenges. Using Patient Recruitment and Outreach, they can conduct automated recalls, control eligibility for clinical trials, share vital information or track patient compliance with recommended treatment programs. Rather than waiting for patients to come to them when they are sick, they can deliver relevant and important messaging about overall health and well-being as a preventative measure to keep them well. Better patient management makes it easier for screening agencies and clinical trial groups to comply with mandated government reporting and has the potential to lead to greater funding opportunities.

Features and Benefits

  • Streamlines communication processes, leading to speedier outreach activities
  • Manages multiple and diverse outreach programs
  • Provides patient opt-in and opt-out capability
  • Supports multi-channel communications, including direct mail, e-mail and phone
  • Automates program booking and follow-up, including appointment scheduling and recalls
  • Integrates with clinical information systems
  • Shortens the time required to prepare outreach campaigns from months to weeks
  • Facilitates more campaigns to wider audiences
  • Protects data; only provides access to data required for outreach and follow up
  • A scalable, configurable solution that meets a variety of needs

Patient Recruitment and Outreach connects the pieces to the patient relationship puzzle.