Performance Management - Pulse Analytics

Business Need

Systemgroup responded to the needs of healthcare professionals with a performance management solution which provides visibility into mandated performance indicators as well as peer benchmarks to support enhanced patient outcomes.


Systemgroup chose Microsoft SQL Server as the BI and reporting framework for a solution of prebuilt technical components designed to accelerate the implementation of a decision support solution within the healthcare environment.

The prebuilt components include data architecture for both clinical and financial data, which allows pulseAnalytics to be easily customized and for a faster, lower cost implementation and a speedy return on investment.

The extensible design includes web based automated electronic scorecards and dashboards, linked and integrated drill-down capabilities, pre-populated and ad hoc reporting and a unique self-serve administration.

pulseAnalytics was designed to be interoperable with a multitude of healthcare information systems including Meditech, Cerner, McKesson, and Allscripts, among others.

Features and Benefits

Unprecedented User Experience
  • a self-guided, intuitive approach encourages optimum user adoption
Complete Information Views
  • a holistic view of corporate data
  • simplified detail views for greater clarity
Exceptional ROI
  • Rapid implementation
  • Low licensing costs
  • Unlimited, secure user access
BI Standards Based
  • Removes third party dependency
  • Flexible to meet changing needs
  • pulseAnalytics is a natural element of a complete BI solution
Identifies Best Practices
  • Supports an Integrated Health Services Plan