Provider Portal - Princess Maragaret Hospital

Business Need

Managing on-line content for multiple stakeholder groups to access in multiple ways can be a daunting task. Yet, as healthcare organizations move forward with the vision to deliver personalized patient services, a collaborative web presence - or on-line information portal - is considered to be a necessary starting point. The goal is to transform the delivery of medical research, education and clinical care by rethinking how content is managed and delivered to four main stakeholder groups: patients, families and the public; healthcare professionals; educators; and, researchers. Healthcare organizations require an easy-to-navigate public-facing web site that also supports the complex backend functionality that will enable a transition to on-line patient services in the future. The end goal is to provide one central on-line platform that links multiple resources together, making it easier to see - and manage - the 'big picture' in a far more personal way.


Navantis Inc. has demonstrated the possibilities for collaboration using Microsoft SharePoint and is currently working with the Princess Margaret Cancer Program (PCMP) on a multi-year initiative to transform the functionality and presence of The solution takes public-facing websites in an entirely new direction, making it easier for users to find the information they are looking for, whether they are patients, healthcare professionals, researchers or educators. For example, users can easily access multiple external sources of information through links to large, well-maintained databases like the National Cancer Institute library. They can also find information about how the medical referral process works, how to prepare for a first appointment or communicate with their healthcare team, how to obtain a hospital card or where to find the services they need in their community. In the future, on-line information portals will leverage strong backend content management capabilities to deliver personalized patient services and additional opportunities for caregiver collaboration.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides backend integration to third-party data sources
  • Delivers a distributed authoring environment that is easier to update and control, freeing healthcare administrators to focus on other initiatives
  • Leverages robust search capabilities of SharePoint
  • Facilitates collaboration between multiple stakeholder groups
  • Flexible presentation layer allows for easy customization, supports branding and accessibility initiatives
  • Calendar feature provides information about upcoming events
  • Simplifies the process for determining patient eligibility for clinical trials, treatment options
  • Sets the stage for adding personalized patient services in the future

An integrated on-line information portal empowers patients, caregivers, researchers and educators alike.