Provincial bed Management - Criticall

Business Need

When your mandate is to assist in the day-to-day management of critically, emergently ill or injured patients who require access to specialized care, you rely on timely and accurate information about available resources. It's about finding the best patient care at the best place in the shortest amount of time. But when those resources are spread across multiple locations and disparate systems, accessing reliable information is a challenge. For groups like CritiCall Ontario, a provincial program that aims to facilitate efficient resource sharing between Ontario hospitals, up-to-date information about resource availability is a necessity. CritiCall Ontario required a cross-jurisdictional system that could provide accurate data about bed availability, resource matching, best proximity and on-call availability, all from one integrated view.


The Provincial Hospital Resource System (PHRS), developed by Navantis and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, contains vital information about the services provided at each hospital in Ontario along with crucial bed availability data. Using PHRS, CritiCall Ontario is able to update and review resource availability at a glance. Built on Microsoft SQL 2012 and .NET Framework 4.0, the system integrates more than 184 hospitals, operating as a single, unified self-service system that can be used by thousands of medical professionals when needed. The reliable information provided by PHRS enables CritiCall Ontario to facilitate consultations and transfers; find acute care beds during crisis situations; participate in emergency response; and, co-ordinate critical care surge capacity according to provincial guidelines.

Features and Benefits

  • Dashboard indicators provide an immediate visual understanding of provincial capacity and capability
  • Provides multiple bed/resource availability screens, including: medical/surgical; cardiac, paediatric critical care; neonatal; maternal; emergency department; and, non-critical care
  • User-friendly reporting capabilityLeverages robust search capabilities of SharePoint
  • Repatriation tool supports on-line communication between hospitals regarding patient needs; can be used to track and monitor related activity
  • Easily accessible through the CritiCall Ontario website; no special system requirements
  • Includes hover-over definitions for easier navigation
  • Provincial map allows users to refine their view of local health integration networks (LHINs)and the hospitals within them
  • Enables better patient outcomes; provides higher quality care
  • Reduces costs by getting patients to the right place and back again in the shortest possible time

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