Provincial Newborn Tracking - BORN

Business Need

Collecting data is relatively easy. Sharing, analysing and applying it to improve health outcomes across a continuum of care? Not always so simple, particularly when you're dealing with disparate data repositories, duplicate data collection, missing information and minimal linkages between collaborating groups. It's a difficult integration challenge, one that organizations like The Better Outcomes Registry & Network Ontario (BORN Ontario - a provincial registry that aims to improve Ontario's maternal, child and youth health system) need to overcome in order to realize a unified vision of care. BORN Ontario's goal is to develop a single web-enabled system that provides all stakeholders with access to comprehensive and accurate maternal-infant health data. To do so, it needed to move beyond raw data collection and storage to find a solution that also included in-depth analysis tools, easy-to-use reporting methods, and a dashboard-like user interface.


BORN Ontario selected Dapasoft to provide its unified data platform. At the back end, data is collected from five birth centres across the province and fed into a centralized repository using Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft BizTalk. This includes all lab orders, samples and report results from expectant mothers as well as newborn screening records. To ease data transmission, Dapasoft applied Corolar, a proprietary platform that streamlines the development of complex HL7 integration projects. The front end is built on Microsoft SharePoint Server, offering a simplified user interface to more than 2,500 users who now have access to vital information they need to facilitate and improve care for mothers and infants. Not only are BORN Ontario users able to identify and address care gaps across the spectrum, but they can also develop responsive health policies that will improve both birthing and patient outcomes for years to come.

Features and Benefits

  • Aids in health planning and monitoring by providing secure access to timely, accurate and reliable data
  • Monitors trends in real-time
  • Provides integrated access to data from disparate sources
  • Fuels ongoing research and innovation
  • Supplies a dashboard-like, unified user interface to all users
  • Adheres to HL7 standards, privacy legislation (PHIPA)
  • Provides a secure platform based on data anonymization
  • Supports automated data extraction and uploading
  • Facilitates custom reporting
  • Allows information to be entered at any point during patient care
  • Reduces data duplication

Dapasoft supplied BORN Ontario with an integrated, authoritative database solution that is improving perinatal care across the province.