e-Referrals - SE LHIN

Business Need

Excessive wait times to see a specialist are an all-too-common experience across Canada, often resulting in significant health and economic impacts. The challenge for stakeholders is that demand for health care services continues to outstrip supply. What's needed is a way to bridge the referral and wait-time gap in an environment that still relies largely on paper forms and faxing, and is often prone to errors and delay. Healthcare organizations require a secure platform for matching resources, whether a physician is looking to match the right patient to the right specialist at the right time, or an acute care setting is searching for an appropriate - and available - alternative level of care (ALC).


The Navantis eReferral System is one component of a more encompassing Access to Care Platform.
A secure referral management service, it provides convenient access to optimal care resources at the click of a mouse, providing accurate information about availability, special requests or other relevant data. It also integrates with existing electronic medical records so that patient information is automatically populated. Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and xRM, the Navantis platform empowers healthcare providers to collaborate in real-time as they transition patients from a primary care environment to a specialist for consultation, or from a hospital setting to a regional care setting.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased patient satisfaction through shortened wait times, accurate diagnoses and efficiency of care.
  • Improved communication, collaboration and information flow between primary care physicians and specialists.
  • Unprecedented ability to share and exchange referral information such as: status, progress, wait times, special needs, or alternative care options.
  • Enhanced referral quality and patient safety due to standardized templates that ensure rapid and accurate capture of data in a consistent format.
  • Removes guesswork by enabling physicians to search and match capabilities based on predefined criteria.
  • Provides at-your-fingertips access to accurate data; no more wasted time with faxing or phoning for clarification.
  • Reduces number of ALC days by providing an accurate window into available resources.
  • Standards compliant to meet specific requirements of the Canadian healthcare system.

Navantis eReferral System and Access to Care Platform transform the process for healthcare resource matching and referrals.