Business Needs

Healthcare providers recognize the benefits of collaborating to improve patient care. But when it requires booking time in a dedicated space, where the cost of facilitating a videoconference is well over $100 per session and scheduling conflicts are common, it just doesn't happen as often as it could. Rather than practising telemedicine where the hardware is, providers are looking for interactive telemedicine services that come to them, where they are. The challenge is finding a low-cost, flexible alternative to traditional, costly, hard-wired platforms, one that can be securely delivered to a provider device of choice, whether it's a desktop, smart phone or tablet.


TelemedicineIM is an interactive telemedicine services platform that connects the right provider to the right patient or colleague at the right location on the right device, without the need to sustain a dedicated telemedicine network. Instead, TelemedicineIM provides a safe and secure cloud platform that is mobile, quick and agile. Healthcare providers sign up on a subscription basis and receive all of the services they need to collaborate, such as interrelationship management, scheduling, video consults, store and forward, voice, e-mail, presence and instant messaging. Leveraging Microsoft's industry-leading extensibility and interoperability in scheduling, TelemedicineIM also offers the distinct competitive advantage of enabling individual providers to belong to multiple telemedicine networks, or to even create networks of their own.

Features & Benefits

  • Investments in legacy video processing hardware are preserved through third-party
    integration services
  • Locate and Collaborate search engine quickly finds available resources, drives revenue
  • Flexible desktop strategy facilitates the creation of multiple telemedicine networks
  • Easy-to-use service model promotes adoption among healthcare providers
  • Documentation templates provide educational assistance, simplify content creation
  • Secure trust/governance model ensures all network participants are validated
  • Providers gain flexibility to choose their own device
  • Administrative tools make cost-effective 'build-your-own' networks possible
  • Patient reminder system ensures compliance and attendance
  • Adherence to multiple national and international standards for privacy and security,
    including HIPPA and HITECH
  • Third-party auditing and tracking for insurance claim purposes

TelemedicineIM is a new paradigm in the delivery of interactive telemedicine services.