Meet the Nokia Lumia 1020:
41 megapixels and reinvented zoom

“Nokia Lumia 1020 annihilates the competition with its huge 41 megapixels."

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41 megapixel sensor takes 38 megapixel image. Apps from the Windows Phone Store.

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15 Apr 2014
Farzad Farzanegan
My Business Card Generator for Windows Phone

Looking for an easy way to share your contacts? We might just have what you need ;) ...

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02 Apr 2014
Anthony Bartolo
Windows Phone 8.1: The Most Personal Smartphone

The announced Windows Phone 8.1 update was created to enable a better smartphone experience. One that brings you closer to the people and things you really care about. The following is a run down of key Windows 8.1 updates announced.

30 Mar 2014
Farzad Farzanegan
Star Wars: Windows Phone brings your best strategy and nerves of steel to Star Wars: Assault Team


Introducing your favourite characters from Star Wars movies on all new mission in Star Wars: Assault Team app now available for Windows Phone.

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Get these hot new features, only on Windows Phone.

Live Tiles

The only phone with Live Tiles—amazing little gems that deliver updates on your friends, your schedule, your apps, and more, right to your Start screen. Pin, move, and resize them as you like.

Live Apps

The only phone with Live Apps. Pin one to your Start screen, and its Live Tile shows info and updates—news headlines, sports scores, weather alerts, daily deals, flight info, or whatever the app has to say.

Kid's Corner

It's the only phone with kid-proofing built in, so you can control the apps, games, videos, and music they access, knowing that your stuff is safe.

Photos + SkyDrive

Snap photos, use Lens apps, and share your creations straight from the Camera. Plus you can store your photos safely in the cloud by automatically syncing to SkyDrive.

The "Meet Your Match" Challenge.

See people challenge Windows Phone with their iPhone and Android phones in real-life tasks. The results may surprise you.

The only phone with Office built-in.

View and edit your docs, spreasheets, presentations, notebooks and emails on the go from virtually anywhere with built-in Office apps.

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