How to start using Adobe Reader LE in my Nokia N97 device?

Nokia N97 and N97 mini contain a pre-installed trial version of Adobe Reader LE. The full product license can be purchased via the purchase option of the pre-installed Adobe Reader:

  1. Select Menu > Applications > Office > Adobe PDF.
  2. Select Purchase.
  3. In Quickmanager view, select "Adobe Reader LE 2.5" and select Options > Open.
  4. Select Purchase.
  5. Enter payment information.
  6. After the payment has been confirmed, Quickmanager downloads and activates Adobe Reader LE full license.

Note that you don't need to purchase and download Adobe Reader from Ovi Store if you already have Adobe Reader trial version pre-installed in your device.

To check for Adobe Reader software updates:

  1. Select Menu > Applications > Office > Adobe PDF.
  2. Select Updates and upgrades.