Transform the datacenter

Respond to changing business needs with the power of a hybrid cloud infrastructure from Microsoft.

  • Today's business runs on IT
  • Datacenter without boundaries
  • Cloud innovation everywhere
  • Dynamic application delivery
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Today's business runs on IT

The datacenter is the hub for everything you offer the business, all the storage, networking and computing capacity. You need to be able to take everything you know and own today and transform those resources into a datacenter that is capable of handling changing needs and unexpected opportunities.

With Microsoft technologies, you can transform the datacenter. You can take the big, complicated, heterogeneous infrastructure you have today and bring it forward into the cloud to take advantage of the boundless capacity the cloud offers, while still meeting requirements for security and compliance. You can reduce cost and complexity with technology innovation in storage and networking and deliver services to the business faster.

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Datacenter without boundaries

IT is under pressure to deliver more without spending more. Everything just has to work. So how do you meet those needs?

The power of software transforms diverse platforms into a single entity that you can manage as a whole. And that lets you balance the demands of all the different areas of the business, moving resources to the places where you need them most.

Once you have your datacenter running like a well-oiled machine, think about the places you still need some room to grow. That’s where you can extend into the cloud. You can meet unexpected demands or plan ahead for the seasons or days when your business runs at top speed. The economies of cloud work for you, because you only pay for what you need. And you can access resources without long delays or major capital expenditures.

Microsoft offers you a consistent experience that takes you from your datacenter to the cloud and back. Move workloads with maximum flexibility. Scale up or scale down based on your specific business needs.

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Cloud innovation everywhere

Innovation is a pretty common term in the world of technology. The key is figuring out which new things are actually going to make a difference in how you solve problems. Microsoft’s experience running the massive scale deployments of Bing, Xbox, and Office 365 has shown us first-hand how cloud innovation can transform the datacenter. In our datacenter and cloud offerings, you’ll find innovation that can help you address real-world issues.

Today, some of the best options for simplifying the datacenter exist in storage. In the datacenter, Microsoft lets you use commodity hardware in a flexible, low-cost configuration that integrates well with your existing resources. And in the cloud, you can take advantage of boundless capacity and smart hybrid models.

Nothing is more important to a hybrid cloud than the right connections and Microsoft offers the flexibility to move applications across clouds without networking changes.

With network virtualization, you can separate business groups or create boundaries that allow you to manage resources more effectively.

Finally, you need to offer access to key resources wherever they are located without compromising security. Microsoft’s access and information protection solutions give you the control you need to manage access without creating barriers.

The bottom line: cloud innovation lets you streamline and simplify.

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Dynamic application delivery

How does IT get faster?

A big part of IT’s responsibility is projecting into the future and preparing for multiple possibilities. Automation allows you to deliver applications faster, and respond to increasing demands on those applications.

With Microsoft, you can automate how applications are provisioned and deployed, and even create self-service options. Self-service allows you to maintain control of crucial decisions while still offering easy access to people who need resources.

Once the application is deployed, Microsoft’s management tools let you monitor performance and respond to problems without constantly watching a console. You can even diagnose issues in the application, right down to the individual line of code. Make IT a strategic partner to the business, with the speed and agility to deliver.

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Telco Giant Uses Hybrid-Cloud Strategy to Trim IT Costs by 15%, Gain Agility

Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecommunications providers, is making sweeping changes in how it delivers IT services to the business. It is using a hybrid private-public cloud strategy based on Microsoft software to reduce IT costs by 15%, ramp up business agility, and increase data center flexibility and reliability. Its private cloud, based on Windows Server 2012 with the Hyper-V technology, is the cornerstone of a new Tier 4 Madrid data center. There, it will consolidate 18,000 physical servers across Europe to just 6,000 physical servers. Soon, it will link this private cloud to Microsoft Azure, the Microsoft public cloud service, to give the business tremendous flexibility in where it runs its IT workloads. With a hybrid-cloud strategy, Telefónica can deliver IT services to the business in days instead of months and make them far more reliable.

Why Microsoft

From vendors that are applying new labels to old on-premises solutions to those that want you to rip up your existing infrastructure and bet everything on public cloud, there are a host of vendors claiming to solve all your IT challenges.

Microsoft’s solutions help you take advantage of your existing investments and move to the cloud at a pace that suits your business needs. Through proven solutions that help customers choose between private, public, or hybrid, you can be sure your IT infrastructure can adapt as the needs of your business change.

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