Educational Tools

Office 365 for your Classroom

Free for educators.
Office 365 gives your students new and powerful ways to collaborate and share.

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Free cloud storage for all your student projects on your PC, tablet or phone.
With OneDrive, you can get to your photos, documents, and other important files wherever you are.

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Microsoft IT Academy (ITA)

For students, educators and institutions.
See how the Microsoft IT Academy (ITA) program provides industry-leading technology skills to help bridge the skills gap.

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Microsoft DreamSpark

For students, educators and institutions.
See how DreamSpark can provide a library of software you need.

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Additional Resources

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Better choices for teaching and learning in the 21st Century Classroom.

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A comparison that’s no comparison

See how Office 365 compares to Google Apps during a day in the life of a typical student.

Learning Activities

Show and share educators across Canada your great 21st Century practices, submit a learning activity now.

School Leaders

Schools leaders are focused on ensuring technology is integrated into the classroom in a meaningful way to ensure students help develop the skills to ensure they are ready for the workforce.


Microsoft technologies from the foundation for innovative, integrated solutions. Learn about Microsoft products that help deliver value for any industry.


Supporting educators so they can help inspire students.


Academic Volume Licensing programs provide simple, flexible, volume-based pricing. Microsoft has a variety of program options available to fit the diverse needs of educators and students.