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June 2014
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Hi Everyone,
It’s hard to believe yet another year is over. I hope you have all had much success with your students this school year, and will take the time to reflect on what you can do better in September. Take the first step to transform your classroom by completing the free PD on the Educator Network. Tech with Tech is the perfect starting point, and provides individual feedback on how you can incorporate change in you classrooms immediately.

***IMPORTANT**** I’d like to continue sharing and connecting with you. Because Canada’s e-communication laws are changing, I am responsible for asking you to “opt in” to receiving info like what you see in our newsletters. Please see below to opt in..

Happy Summer Everyone!

Thank you!
Lia De Cicco Remu
Director, Partners in Learning Canada
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An inspirational 3-Part story of how Skype helped one family and their quest to stay together. See their story, Episode 1- A house for a home Episode 2- Goodbyes Episode 3- The road ahead
Microsoft IT Academy Win 8 App is now available for download in the Win 8 Store!
Wanted! Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators. Learn more.
Teaching with Technology PD Course - Now available in multiple languages including French!
Students create Juno Beach App- Check it out!
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Spotlights & Best Practices

Wanted! Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators
Microsoft Canada under the leadership of Lia De Cicco Remu Director, Innovative Education Strategies, Partners in Learning – Canada, is looking for Microsoft Expert Educators for 2015. This year Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators attended the Microsoft Global Educator Forum representing Canada as Microsoft Expert Educators in Barcelona Spain. Read More about why Expert Educator Devon Caldwell, encourages you to apply to become a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator and hear Leah Obach talk about the incredible opportunities the program offers.
Application Deadline is September 30th, 2014. Learn More

Become a Microsoft World Tour School- Here's how:
World Tour Schools are recognized as global leaders of education innovation. Schools from around that world that participate in Microsoft’s World Tour School Program have applied vision and demonstrated true innovation to re-imagine pedagogy and teacher capacity as well as improve student behavior, test scores and the ability to develop 21st century skills. Meet New Maryland Elementary School, Canada's Microsoft World Tour School for 2013.

Microsoft Canada Education is now looking for Canadian schools to showcase what's at the forefront of education for 2015. Nominations are on-going and World Tour status is by invitation only.

Learn more Nominate your school today! Contact Marilyn Steier, Project Manager.
Holy Rosary High School in Lethbridge, AB - Inspiring Others
We wanted to share with you a truly inspiring example of how Canadian schools can make a difference. Holy Rosary High School (HRH) has partnered with Our Village Uganda in Africa to create the 'Sustain the World Project' HRH students have raised over $5000 to support the finishing of a school and a solar energy center thus far. Their goal is to help build a computer center equipped with devices and WiFi that will be accessible to the entire community. The project will continue next year, with a goal to raise $30 000. Start by checking Nemo out on Twitter: @sustainusnow
Introduction Video from HRHS to OVU, Nemo's First Stop , Nemo's Second Stop , OVU Promotional Video 1, Video 2 and Video 3
Educational Programs
Microsoft IT Academy Win 8 App is now available for download in the Win 8 Store!
The Microsoft IT Academy program provides resources that benefit all students, faculty, and staff. This application enables you to learn more about the IT Academy program and try some of Microsoft's free training. If you are Faculty and Staff at an IT Academy program, you can sign in, to easily access full program resources.
Get the app today!
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Training Offer & Events
"Teaching and Technology TNT: Learn-a-thon"
Join Microsoft Innovative Expert Educators and Educational Innovators in this 2 day event held in Edmonton Alberta, August 21 and 22, 2014. For further information contact Marilyn Steier Project Manager. A great platform to network and create a project with other innovative educators. Knock down the walls in your classroom and go global. Follow us on Twitter #EdTNT. Register Today!
"A Rich Seam, How New Pedagogies find Deep Learning"
“A Rich Seam, How New Pedagogies find Deep Learning”, by Michael Fullan and Maria Langworthy (ITL Research), was launched to the public during BETT In-Person event in January and has been used as the basis for discussions with education leaders around the world. Read it Today!
enable 21st century learning   global forum   Microsoft Store Workshops
Teaching with Technology now available in French
Earn your badges this summer! Take advantage of the On-Line Professional Development (PD) Courses offered through the Microsoft Educator Network at no cost to you. The "Teaching with Technology" course is available in several languages including English and now French!

Check out this PD course and more
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Microsoft Tools for Education
Juno Beach Project App for Windows Phone
The Juno Beach Project app is the culmination of a collaborative project where high school students from Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute (SFDCI) designed and implemented every stage of this app. The app is intended to honour the Canadian soldiers that fought and died on the fateful day of June 6, 1944 - D-Day.

Download the App today!
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Skype- Connecting classrooms   Skype- Stay Together   Free Tools for Teachers
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