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IMPACT Awards Celebration | July 19, 2020 | Las Vegas, Nevada


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About IMPACT Awards

Each year, Microsoft Canada hosts the IMPACT Awards to celebrate innovation in technology recognizing the outstanding work our partners do to deliver virtually seamless solutions to customers. The IMPACT Awards showcase the excellence and innovation within our Canadian Partner community.

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"We are inspired and powered by our partners, with over 95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue coming through our partners. These annual awards are our opportunity to recognize all Microsoft partners that are making that possible by bringing cutting-edge solutions to complex business challenges and are helping customers overcome disruption and lead transformation in their industries across Canada."

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Suzanne Gagliese

VP One Commercial Partner - Microsoft Canada

Past Winners & Photo Gallery

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2019 winners & photo gallery

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2018 winners & photo gallery

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2017 winners & photo gallery

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2018 Partner of the Year shares their story

The forward-thinking IT company and Canada Partner of the Year reflect on their 20-year journey to the top

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Attracting and converting a growing army of happy customers

WebSan Solutions Inc. works its marketing magic to generate leads—and a 2018 Microsoft IMPACT Award

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5 tips on writing a winning Microsoft award submission

Winning an award is a great way to attract new customers & gain media attention. Learn how to attract the attention of judges with a winning award submission.

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