Windows Phone 8 is better with Bing apps


Enrich your Windows Phone 8 experience with great apps from Microsoft Bing selection.


As a Window Phone user, first thing I did when I purchased my phone was to download apps which would actually be useful. Let's be real, people put way more emphasis on entertainment apps such as games and etc. but realistically you may only play those games for short period of time.  I personally love playing games on my Windows Phone, but I thought I should change this mentality for a little while and switch up my preference to use more productive apps that would enhance my phone experience. And that's why I'm writing this blog to share my thoughts on few apps that recently caught my eyes and thought it would be useful for everyday lives.


 Bing Finance.png


Bing Finance (FREE): The Bing Finance app helps you stay on top of the financial market and find breaking news and trends around different industries. Swipe through charts for quick read of day's events and customize your watch list to easily manage your financial portfolio. Download HERE.




Bing Weather (FREE): Can't find a good weather app? The Bing Weather app is a great easy to use application where you can prepare for latest weather conditions and news. Download HERE.



Bing News (FREE): Really well designed and simple to use. You can choose your favorite news sources and allows you to stay up to date on the news that actually matter to your life style! Download HERE.




Bing Sports (FREE): There are many sport apps currently in the market, but which one actually satisfies your sporting desire! This app makes it easy to connect with sporting games and your favorite teams. It gives you the option to personalize the app experience where you can track the leagues and teams that actually interest you and not just any sporting news which may become overwhelming. Download HERE.


I hope you enjoy using these Bing Apps. Be sure to stay tuned for more Bing apps which are currently in Beta testing such as, Bing Travel Beta and Bing food & Drink Beta.


Be sure to share your thoughts on these apps!