Enjoy the Winter Games with CBC Sochi 2014 App!

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As a sports fan, I've been waiting for CBC Sochi 2014 (FREE) app to be launched. Finally it's here and I'm glad to say I was probably one of the first users of this app. Personally I wanted to see if this app met all of the hype surrounding its release. I can confidently say, I'm proud of what our Canadian broadcaster has developed. This app features and consists of everything you need to know about Winter Games such as highlights, schedules, scores, ranking and latest news!


But wait! Here is the catch; this app provides live streaming of the games within the reach of your mobile device this way you can engage yourself with the games at all times, and not miss a moment!


Click here to download CBC Sochi 2014 (FREE) now and stay connected with the games wherever you are, and don't forget to share your thoughts on this app.  This app is also available on Windows desktop, click here to download!


Here are some real-time screen shots of the app:





Enjoy the Winter Games with CBC Sochi App.