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Windows 8.1 Pro Update is now available and is free to all Windows 8 Pro users.
Update to the new Windows

What's new

What's new
Easier transition to the modern Windows Platform

With the enhanced taskbar, which can be instantly accessed from any screen, you can now seamlessly switch between modern and desktop apps.

An improved Start screen

Your desktop is now easier to control with improvements to app visibility, mouse features, and the ability to instantly search and shut down – all from the Start screen.

Enhanced search
Enhanced search

New Bing Smart Search allows you to simultaneously search across your PC, OneDrive, the web, and now even apps in the Windows Store, so you can find what you need faster.

The familiar desktop made better

The new Windows lets you boot directly to the familiar desktop, featuring the Start button, letting you get started easily with familiar ways to work.

Improved multi-monitor support
Improved multi-monitor support

Better multi-tasking with improved multi-monitor support that allows you to simultaneously run multiple apps on all monitors, while still keeping the Start screen open.

Multiple tile sizes

See more, or less, information right from your start screen, by choosing multiple sizes for tiles.

Instantly on
Instantly on

InstantGo wakes the tablet in under a second and your apps and data are already up to date.

Answer a Skype call from the lock screen

Skype for Windows 8.1 Pro lets you answer calls directly from your lock screen. You can also choose how to respond – a video call, an audio call or decline and send an IM instead.

Turn your tablet into a kiosk
Turn your tablet into a kiosk

Convert any device into a kiosk with the new Assigned Access feature which allows customer access to only one app, not the system files or other apps.

Built-in fingerprint-based login

Stop memorizing passwords. The new Windows features integrated fingerprint based login.*

*Disclaimer: Requires supporting hardware

Better device control
Better device control

Easily manage your company’s devices – including tablets and employee owned – with domain join, Group Policy and third-party mobile device management solutions like MobileIron and AirWatch.


Best tablets & PCs

What's new
Thinner, lighter and faster

New Windows PCs and tablets that include support for the latest processors like 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors and Intel® Atom™ processors, are thinner, lighter and faster, with longer battery life. With new low-cost devices available soon, these impressive devices will soon have equally impressive price tags.

*Disclaimer: Copyright © 2014 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel, the Intel logo, Atom and Core are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries

Consistent platform across form factors

The new Windows devices offers great flexibility and variety. Choose the device that best fits your business needs from a range of form factors.

Enhanced search
Best mouse and keyboard experience

Windows 8.1 Pro Update is the best Windows yet when working with a mouse and keyboard, delivering more speed, performance and security to boost your productivity on any non-touch device. The new Windows makes the transition to the modern platform easier.

Office on all your devices

Access the full power of Office, from virtually anywhere, across Desktops, laptops, and tablets.


Your Windows everywhere

Your Windows everywhere
Always in-sync across all your devices

Your Start screen and settings stay synced across all your Windows PCs and tablets. See updates and the latest information on your Start screen without launching the app.

Cloud connected

Enhanced OneDrive integration lets you save, sync and access your docs, photos and other files across your Windows 8.1 Pro desktop, laptop and tablet from virtually anywhere.

Your Windows everywhere
Better browsing

New Internet Explorer 11 delivers a best-in-class browsing experience across the full range of Windows devices. The latest IE also features Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer, which provides improved Internet Explorer 8 compatibility and tools to manage which web apps use it, giving you a modern browser while reducing upgrade costs and preserving existing web app investments. Perfect for touch and equally great for mouse and keyboard, Internet Explorer 11 delivers faster load times, a full-screen experience that includes side-by-side browsing and the ability to search directly from your Start screen.

Upgraded built-in apps

Mail, People, Calendar, Photo and other built-in apps are more powerful, faster and easier to use so you can stay better connected and get work done quicker than ever before.

Your Windows everywhere
New Reading List app

Can’t get to it or read it right now? The new Reading List app lets you save information to check out later. Think of it as a bookmark for your apps and all their content.

The best phone for business

Windows phone offers you an incredible range of phones from $100 non-contract phones to the world’s best camera phone. The Windows phone delivers the business capabilities that small and medium businesses need, while being the personal entertainment and communication device every individual desires.


More secure

What's new
Safer at start-up with Trusted Boot

The new Windows protects devices and data by helping prevent viruses and malware at start-up. Using Trusted Boot, anti-malware software always loads before any third-party drivers or applications.

Safer browsing with Windows Defender

Microsoft’s antivirus solution in Windows 8.1 Pro helps detect and stop the execution of known and unknown malware. Using Windows Defender, Internet Explorer 11 scans while you browse to help prevent bad things before they happen.

Enhanced search
Backup your data with OneDrive

New enhancements in the cloud keeps your files, Start screen layout, apps and settings stored on OneDrive. So if you lose your PC, you don’t lose what matters most.

Remote business data removal

Maintain more control of your business content and data, no matter if on a business or employee personal device. Remote business data removal allows you to erase critical content from devices that are lost or stolen or when an employee leaves your company.*

*System Center sold separately

Enhanced search
Auto-triggered VPN

Apps can automatically trigger VPN connections – like when you access your company’s intranet site –and instantly prompt you to sign in with one click. This new Windows feature will be available with Microsoft and third-party inbox VPN clients.


Simplified IT

Simplified IT
Sideloading apps

You can install custom-built Windows 8.1 apps directly without going through the Windows Store. This feature is now available on all domain joined devices without requiring a VL-key. Contact your local reseller for more information.

Easily integrates with Windows 7

The new Windows is designed to work alongside existing infrastructure and Windows 7 systems, apps and peripherals.

Simplified IT
Automatic app updates

All installed apps from the Windows Store automatically update in the background, even when your devices are asleep, so you are always up to date with the latest app version.

Get growing

Looking to expand your business? Maybe add employees after landing that new contract? Windows 8.1 Pro makes you eligible for professional grade offerings, like Microsoft Intune and Volume Licensing, that not only make adding licenses easy and more affordable, but can deliver even more control, flexibility and efficiency as well.

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Upgrade at a significant cost savings through Microsoft Volume Licensing with the help of your local partner.
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Windows Volume Licensing

If you plan to upgrade five or more existing PCs to Windows 8.1, Volume Licensing is the most cost effective solution. You can purchase the Windows 8.1 Pro Upgrade licenses from a Microsoft reseller through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program. Depending on the Volume Licensing program you select, Software Assurance is either included or optional. Software Assurance includes access to Windows 8.1 Enterprise edition, new version rights, flexible use rights, and a set of tools, technologies, and training to help you get the most from your Windows investment.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune provides cloud-based PC and mobile device management that allows you to update devices, distribute and patch software, monitor usage, and more, all through one, easy to use web tool.