Get started with Windows 8.1 Enterprise and Flexible Workstyle solutions

Now that Windows 8.1 Enterprise is available to Enterprise volume licensing customers, it is a great time for all businesses to identify where Windows 8.1 deployment can provide the most benefit, and integrate it into overall planning.

As many customers are likely at various stages of operating system migration, we would like to assist you by outlining considerations that will help determine the best Windows deployment path for your organization.

Customers with Windows 8 deployment in progress:

To make sure that our Volume License customers running Windows 8 can experience the great benefits Windows 8.1 has to offer, organizations that acquired Windows 8 Pro through a Volume License agreement are licensed for Windows 8.1 Pro even if their Software Assurance expired prior to the general availability of Windows 8.1 Pro. This does not apply to Windows 8 Enterprise; you must have active Software Assurance for the Windows desktop operating system to have rights to Windows 8.1 Enterprise licenses. Volume Licensing customers can download Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 8.1 Enterprise through the Volume Licensing Service Center and new customers can purchase these products through Microsoft Volume License Resellers beginning November 1, 2013.

Customers with Windows 7 deployment in progress:

Now is the time to migrate off of Windows XP due to the operating system’s forthcoming end of support slated for April 8th, 2014. Identify employees and user groups that can benefit most from Windows 8.1 capabilities and deploy Windows 8.1 for those people, alongside Windows 7.

Windows 7 customers:

Start evaluating Windows 8.1 today for a side-by-side adoption with Windows 7 for key business scenarios.

Windows Vista customers:

Begin developing and piloting new Windows apps today and start planning your company’s full migration to Windows 8.1.

Windows XP customers and early stage Windows 7 migrations:

Focus on an accelerated departure from Windows XP, with the goal to move to an environment with Windows 8.1 deployed side-by-side with Windows 7. Determine which parts of your organization will benefit most from specific Windows 8.1 capabilities, and which will be best suited to deploy Windows 7.

Read more about our recommendations based on your current deployment stage.

Planning your deployment and building enterprise apps

Learn how to inventory apps and hardware, assess compatibility, and conduct a successful pilot deployment of Windows 8.1. A variety of free tools are available to help start your deployment planning today.

Windows 8.1 is a great platform for building apps that increase productivity, ease deployment, and allow your employees to interact with their PC in a more natural way. Learn more about building Enterprise line of business and find out how other businesses find new opportunities with Windows 8.1 and Windows apps.

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