Business without walls

Business without walls

Whether you’re always travelling or a retailer, that flexibility can’t end within your walls. Being a team player today means collaborating with partners and customers around the world.

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  • Think outside the desk

    Studies have found that telecommuters are typically more productive and tend to work longer hours. See some surprising facts about the rapidly growing world of virtual work.

  • Introducing the amazing, invisible workforce

    They’re hardworking. They’re flexible. And they’re all over. They’re your amazing virtual workforce. But just because you and your team aren’t in the same room (or time zone), doesn’t mean you can’t function like you’re sitting around the same table.

  • The road warrior’s guide to business travel

    Do you always have a bag packed for business trips? Is “frequent flyer” an understatement? If so, you’re officially a road warrior, and you know that trying to get work done while traveling can be challenging.

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