Secure and simplify your IT

Secure and simplify your ITSecure and simplify your ITSecure and simplify your ITSecure and simplify your IT

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here!

Outdated infrastructure, processes and tools make it challenging to keep your business protected. You need new solutions. Embrace the opportunities that digital transformation has to offer with Windows 10 for your industry.

Find out which Windows 10 edition is right for your business

We’ve designed Windows 10 to be the safest, most secure Windows ever.

Keep your business protected while simplifying your IT. Windows 10 delivers more personal and productive experiences with a lower total cost of ownership on modern, powerful devices.


Why should you upgrade to Windows 10?

The world has changed dramatically since we released Windows 7. Learn about the key features of Windows 10 and why you should upgrade.


Accelerate your business

Solve old problems with new technologies, increase productivity, and manage the data and risks of digital transformation. Shop exclusive offers on the latest Windows 10 Pro devices.


Windows 10 Security

Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever, designed specifically to adapt quickly to the threats that your business faces.

Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM study demonstrates business value of Windows 10

This Microsoft-commissioned report by Forrester demonstrates how deploying Windows 10 can help reduce costs and provide significant benefits to your organization. The report found an ROI of 233% with a payback period of only 14 months. Download now to read more!

Use the Benefits Estimator to see how Windows 10 can provide savings to your business.

Preparing for Windows 10 PC Deployment

Endpoint computing managers should plan to spend six to nine months learning about Windows 10, developing new environments and testing their applications. Such preparation will significantly lessen time and effort spent on migration and support.

Analyst: Stephen Kleynhans Published: 28 April 2016