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Welcome to Microsoft UK. Find out more about how we are driving advances in cloud computing, developing new ways for people to interact with technology at home, at work and on the move, while transforming education and public services and supporting the UK economy.

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Youth Development

Young People

We want to help secure the future for young people in Britain, and believe this is vital for our economy.

In November 2013 we launched our Get On initiative to help 300,000 young people in Britain take meaningful steps towards work. We are creating opportunities for young people to Get Inspired, Get Skilled and Get a Job. This is part of Microsoft's global commitment to the next Generation - Youth Spark.

Get On

Get Inspired

Get Skilled

Get a Job
Backing British Business

Backing British Business

We are working with the government and educators to skill the future UK workforce. As well as investing in the future workforce, we are incubating and supporting start ups and fuelling economic growth, enabling SMEs to develop cloud solutions enabling them to increase competitiveness in the marketplace.

Supporting Start-ups

Enabling SME's to grow

Business Reimagined

Future Workforce
Social Change

Social Change

Microsoft UK is working with technology industry leaders, charities, government and schools to drive Environmental sustainability, support charities and to address technology abuses. Through our partnerships and work with CEOP and Parentzone we help to educate and inform parents, teachers and children on safe internet use and ensure that all our products and solutions have secure safety settings to prevent and protect against abuse.

Child and Online Safety

Charities and Communities

Working Responsibly

At Microsoft, how we work is just as important as the products we make and all that we do to support our local communities. Our behavior affects all of our stakeholders - customers, shareholders, employees, communities, suppliers, and partners. We work across our business to be a responsible partner to all of the people who place their trust in us. We think about our work in this area in four ways:

Principled business practices
In meeting our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen, Microsoft seeks to develop principled, pragmatic business approaches to challenging issues.

Citizenship reporting
In our Citizenship Report, we seek to meet key global standards including the Global Reporting Initiative and Carbon Disclosure Project.

Stakeholder engagement
We're committed to learning from leaders on the social, economic, and environmental issues. That's why we actively seek out input and maintain dialogue with stakeholders, investors, NGOs, and issue-advocacy organizations.

Strategic partnerships
We work with many of our executives to actively engage the World Economic Forum and the Clinton Global Initiative on issues of importance to our business and people around the world.