Apprentice of the Year - 2016

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Microsoft's Apprentice of the Year awards has always highlighted some of the exceptional talent that have been through this innovative and influential programme. Traditionally, that talent has been acknowledged in three categories; from small businesses to Enterprise.

However, we believe that the right Apprenticeship can define a career and that this in-work contribution to the employer should also be recognised. For that reason, in 2016 we will be rewarding apprentice excellence in 5 categories - choosing our overall winner between them:

  • Support (i.e. Helpdesk, Cloud/Server Admin, 1st/ 2nd Line Support, Network Support)
  • Development (i.e. Software/ Web/ Applications Developer/ Programmer)
  • Sales - (i.e. IT/Technical Telesales, Sales Support, Account Manager)
  • Digital Marketing (i.e. Social Media Exec, Digital Marketing Assistant, Campaign Executive)
  • Business Management (i.e. Business/ Ops Admin, Office Administrator/Manager)

Nominations for Apprentice of the Year 2016 open on March 14 and close on June 3 - with shortlisted candidates, training providers and employers invited to an awards reception at Microsoft UK headquarters. This will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate success over the past year, as well as the opportunity to network with other candidates, employers and media organisations from all across the UK. Details of the event will be communicated after nominations close.

So please make your nomination here or for any further questions, please see our FAQ page.

Apprentice of the Year 2015

A look back at last year’s awards and an interview with the overall winner, Tanya Stittle


Making your nomination

Once you begin making your nomination, you cannot quit and return later. For this reason, so you may wish to consider your answers first - here are the questions you will be asked:

1 - Which category are you nominating?

(i.e. Software Development)

2 - The name of the person you are nominating, their employer and the training provider.

(e.g. 'Harry Smith, Microsoft, IT Skillsman')

3 - In 100 words or less, please tell us why you are nominating this particular person?

(i.e., what qualities/strengths/talents has the apprentice brought to the business)

4 - Please detail the main ways this person has contributed in the category

(NB: Use 150 words or less)

5 - Please give one example of a task or project that this person was responsible for, how they fulfilled it and what impact that has had on the business?

(NB - Use 100 words or less)

6 - Please list any other ways this nominee or their employer has contributed to this award

(NB - Use 100 words or less)

7 - How would you prefer to be contacted?

(enter name/phone/email)


Microsoft Apprentice of the Year – FAQs


Microsoft Apprenticeships


Microsoft Apprentice of the Year – FAQs
Microsoft Apprentice of the Year – FAQs
Modern Apprentice of the Year – 2016
Modern Apprentice of the Year – 2016