At Microsoft, our commitment to helping people realise their potential extends from our products to our procurement practices – to you.

The Microsoft mission is totally inclusive – not only does it encompass all people, it includes every single area of our enterprise; to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realise their full potential.

We also embrace a core set of values. We look for vendors of all types of quality goods and services who share those values and can assist us in fulfilling our mission.

We invite you to explore this site and decide if you would like to work with us as we turn our passionate tradition of innovation into opportunities for discovery and growth. Because at Microsoft, it's our belief that the true measure of our success is not in the power of our software, but in the power it unleashes in us all.

Our Process

Microsoft is a company that has long been at the forefront of enterprise innovation, including standardising our procurement practices. Before payment can be approved, every Microsoft vendor has to be approved by the Microsoft® Procurement group, has to have signed an agreement with Microsoft, and has to have a purchase order in hand.

The advantages of such measures to us as a company are obvious. They enable us to regulate and categorise our spending so we can measure our costs for goods and services.

However, another primary goal of these measures is to ensure that vendors to Microsoft have the most positive experience possible. No surprises. No confusion. Because not only do we appreciate the opportunity to work with your company, we want you to enjoy and benefit from working with Microsoft.

Microsoft Vendor Programme

MSVP Exceptional Vendors. Exceptional Value. The Microsoft Vendor Program (MSVP) UK is the Microsoft preferred vendor program. It was created to make it easy for Microsoft employees to work globally with a prequalified, select group of vendors-and for vendors such as you to work with us. The objective is to make working with Microsoft beneficial to all. The goal of MSVP UK is simple: To enable new efficiencies for both Microsoft and vendors, bringing new value to the relationship that we are building together.

How We Buy

Microsoft UK purchases a wide variety of goods and services. Please see the ‘Register Your Interest’ tab to contact the UK Procurement team on our current goods and services needs.

To ensure a swift and accurate procurement process, Microsoft has instituted an automated system for engaging a vendor and remitting payment. For vendors accepted into the Microsoft® Vendor Programme (MSVP) UK, Microsoft employees who choose to purchase from you will always follow the same set of procedures to secure your services. In addition, you will always go through the same steps to invoice and receive payment.

In addition, Microsoft empowers its employees to act as agents of the corporation to approvetransactions within certain prescribed monetary parameters. These monetary parameters include those outlined by the Microsoft Signature Authorisation for Expenditures (SAFE) limits, which enable employees to procure necessary goods and services up to a pre-approved limit. Not all employees are granted SAFE authority, so be sure to ask an employee their SAFE level before starting work, or discuss this with the UK Procurement team.

Register your Interest

To help you tailor the information you provide about your business to Microsoft, here's how Microsoft UK identifies and chooses vendors:

  • Microsoft business managers and Procurement team set the criteria and requirements to meet our needs. A review is conducted of current registered business enterprises, as well as other business enterprises in the target industries using a variety of sources.
  • If your company is deemed appropriate for consideration to become a Microsoft vendor, you will become eligible to begin the process of entering the Microsoft® Vendor Programme (MSVP) UK. This includes a number of steps such as responding to a Request for Information (RFI) and/or a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • If you are accepted into the Microsoft Vendor Programme and become an MSVP UK vendor, when a department needs a service such as you supply, you may be selected from the list of other approved vendors that provide similar goods and services.

Contact the Microsoft Vendor Programme to register your interest.


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