Carbon Neutral

We want to help make the world a better place, not just with technology but also through responsibility. This is why we made a commitment in May 2012 to be Carbon Neutral. And we’ve stayed true to our word.

We’ve implemented an internal carbon fee which places a price on carbon and aims to improve energy efficiency. Globally we have also increased our purchase of renewable energy, improved data collection and reporting which further aligns to our ongoing goal of reducing our environmental impact.

This in turn leads to some very positive things – all our offices become more energy efficient, we purchase more renewable energy and improve data collection and reporting. This just makes it easier for us to realise our big goal for the future – which is to reduce our environmental impact.

We made a commitment to be a Carbon Neutral organisation in July 2012. Our goal is to be lean, green and accountable. Our internal carbon fee is our way of trying to reverse all our global carbon emissions.

We realise that 50% of our carbon footprint in the UK comes from travel and 50% from energy.

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Responsibility first.

We want to make a commitment towards a better future for our planet and lead with both our thoughts and actions. Towards this end, we have an ISO14001 environment management system for our real estate in the UK.

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Business Reimagined

We established Anywhere Working as an industry wide initiative in 2012 to demonstrate how using technology instead of travelling can help the environment, save costs and money. More than 1 million people have added their support to the Anywhere Working concept of working on the go. The team also held an Anywhere Working parliamentary event, published the Anywhere Working Guide, leapt onstage at Anywhere Working events all over England for Anywhere Working Week 2013, and went for another spin around London in a mobile meeting room. It's been fantastic to see attitudes change as flexible working has gained widespread acceptance. But flexible working is only the start. There's a much bigger conversation to be had about the future of work itself and impact on workplace design, success measures and the role of technology. This is why Anywhere Working has joined Business Reimagined. Read on to see how Business Reimagined will still champion working from anywhere, but how we'll be framing this as part of a wider debate.

Business Reimagined website.


Energy is the number one challenge facing cities.’ Find out how our CityNext partner solutions can address this as well as water, building and infrastructure and waste solutions.


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