Human Rights

Human Rights

Privacy is an increasing priority for both consumers and businesses in the world of big data - the explosion in the collection, storage and use of personal data. Society's relationship with technology is constantly changing and being redefined. Microsoft is active at the heart of this debate.

We know our customers want and expect strong privacy protections to be built into our products, devices and services, and for companies to be responsible stewards of their data. We've been focused on this area for over ten years as part of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft.

Our privacy principles and privacy statements show how we strive to use people's data responsibly and be transparent about our privacy practices.

At Microsoft, Privacy by Design describes not only how we build products, but how we operate our services and organise ourselves. For us, this includes all of the people, processes and technologies that are committed to maintaining and enhancing privacy protections for our customers.

We collaborate with the global privacy community to support a combination of baseline privacy legislation, self-regulation, education and technology tools

Microsoft recognizes that as a leading technology provider with global operations, our business can help to promote - or be used to impede - human rights. We accept the important responsibility we have to respect human rights and we aim to bring the power of technology to bear to promote respect for human rights throughout the world.

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