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Why digital skills?

In the future, most jobs will depend on digital skills

Digital skills will be needed to boost the economy, and businesses without these skills will be left behind. Lorry drivers will need digital literacy with driverless vehicles on the horizon. Doctors will work alongside AI to diagnose and treat medical conditions faster than ever before. School children will need to learn the fundamentals of computer science, to thrive in a highly digitized future.

The digital revolution will continue to bring us exciting new technologies. Our chance is now to ensure that all young people are equipped for the opportunity the technology-driven world of tomorrow will bring them, and the UK.

Introducing Microsoft's digital skills programme

For digital novices or digital professionals

To address this ever-growing gap in digital skills, we've created an entirely free set of online resources to make it easy to advance your skillset, whether you're a digital novice or a professional. The Microsoft digital skills programme is designed for all ages, from 7 to 79, and aims to provide basic online skills, nurture young people's passion for computer science and training for professionals who need to develop their understanding of the cloud.

By 2020 we aim to deliver:


New digital apprentices


Public sector officials trained


New cloud experts

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Parents, teachers and students

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Students and employers

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Businesses and IT professionals