Be Anywhere, Stay Productive

Work wherever you are, whenever you need

Remote working is now a way of life for many employees. And it’s increasingly key to the overall efficiency and productivity of the organisation. But there’s more to remote working than just a good wireless or mobile phone connection. As well as accessing and responding to email, employees need to be able to view and modify documents on the move and remain connected with colleagues and customers.

Stay connected, stay productive

Microsoft offers a full range of integrated software, services and devices that deliver seamless collaboration and flexible productivity when your people are working away from the office. With Microsoft Windows Phone 8, and Office 365, they can access documents and edit them using the very same productivity tools that they would use in the office. As well as email, they can also access instant messaging, and video conferencing for scheduled meetings or just to get quick answers that support the customer or an important business decision.

Boost morale

Remote working also helps boost morale. Employees find it easier to find a better work-life balance by working flexibly and this can help reduce the costs and resource associated with staff turnover.

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What do you need?

  • Office 365

    Office 365

    Online versions of the best communications and collaboration tools from Microsoft.

  • Windows Phone 8

    Windows Phone 8

    Use familiar programs - such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Outlook and Skype - from your mobile phone.

  • Windows Live Skydrive


    SkyDrive is a free online library where you can store thousands of files.

  • Exchange 2013

    Exchange 2013

    Integrated e-mail archive and features that reduce costs and improve the user experience.

  • Lync 2013

    Lync 2013

    Connect your people, wherever they are.

  • Skype


    Whether you run a small business or a large one, Skype allows you and your employees to connect through conference calls to talk business.


  • Anywhere Working

    Anywhere Working

    Microsoft is a proud partner of Anywhere Working - a group initiative to show you how you can save time, money and the environment through remote working.

  • Work remotely case study

    Amphigean Improves Responsiveness

    With Office 365, Amphigean employees can hold virtual meetings, saving time and expenses, and they can coordinate their diaries and process documents wherever they are in the world.

  • Office 365 Trial

    Try Office 365 for free for 30 days

    Take Office 365 out for a spin and see how it helps your team work together. Choose between the Small Business (P1) or Midsize Business (E3) plans. Get started with your free trial now.

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