Staying connected with Lync

Get voice, IM, audio, video, and web conferencing all through a single communication tool. Businesses will improve collaboration, boost productivity and reduce costs.Discover how Lync provides solutions to a range of common business pain points:

1. Staying connected when working remotely

Lync works across all devices, online or on-premises, and offers presence information so employees know when colleagues are available and the best way to get in touch with them.


2. Cost of communication

Lync offers the ability to stay connected from anywhere, as well as video conferencing that can reduce the need for in-person meetings, and status indicators that show whether someone is available, busy, away, or offline.

3. New software adoption can take time, training, and IT resources

Lync is easy to use and reduces IT complexity and cost because it is part of a shared infrastructure and a single data store.

4. Desire to deliver better customer service

Lync allows for quicker response time and multiple ways to communicate so you can be there for your customers in the way that helps them most.

5. Easily control and use multiple devices

Lync provides a familiar interface across a wide variety of devices and provides IT personnel with the tools they need to manage and secure communications.

6. Reduce costs

Lync requires less IT maintenance and allows for face-to-face communication without travel costs.

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft sells Lync through authorised partners, who are skilled in the use of Microsoft technologies to resolve business challenges.

Microsoft Partners include Small Business Specialists, who specialise in helping start up and small-to-medium businesses tackle their business challenges through IT solutions.


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