TASK FORCE ASSIST is on a mission to save you time and money

70% of today’s businesses have been asked to conduct a software review by a vendor or industry body. However, only 20% organisations feel confident they have control over their software licence agreements.

Are you among the many UK businesses who don't have the ideal licensing agreement for your needs? You've been selected to find out.

TASK FORCE ASSIST consists of highly accredited Microsoft Partners chosen for their licensing expertise. They'll help you right-size your licensing agreement, making your licences easier to manage and helping you avoid paying for licences you don't use.

Getting started is easy

Just go online and complete the short questionnaire about your current licensing setup. An accredited Microsoft TASK FORCE ASSIST Partner will contact you to discuss how your current licensing arrangement could be optimised.

What goes wrong?

Across the UK, businesses are struggling to manage their licenses for a reason; some of it is due to complexity of license agreements following an acquisition, some due to growth within the business with no attention being paid to licensing structure. It also is common for a business to be the victim of software piracy.

Software Piracy can occur in many ways and though most often associated with counterfeit software that has been copied or stolen, mis-licensing and mis-versioning are equally serious and widespread forms of Piracy.

Mis-licensing - If you do not have a license for your software, have the wrong license or not enough licenses then you could be committing mis-licensing piracy.

Mis-versioning - If you have the right quantity of licenses but for the wrong edition or version of a software product, you could be committing mis-versioning piracy.

Download this leaflet to help you understand more about the types of Piracy.


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Software Asset Management (SAM)

One of the best ways to protect your business is to implement SAM within your business.

It’s all too easy to put off reviewing your software estate but Software licenses are assets and investments and should be managed as such. SAM helps you control costs and optimise these investments as your organisation evolves.

It’s easy to implement a basic SAM practice within your organisation, you can refer to the Microsoft SAM guide at


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  • SAM


    Implementing SAM protects your software investments and helps you recognise what you have, where it's running, and if your organisation is using your assets efficiently.

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