Buying more than 5 copies?

Buying more than 5 copies?

Whatever the size of your small or medium business, whatever your plans for growth, Microsoft offers a licensing package that is right for your organisation.

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When you’re a small and medium business in a fast changing economy, you need the best combination of price and flexibility when implementing software that is used by your people.That’s where Microsoft Volume Licensing comes in.

  • Save money: When you buy just the licence, you can reduce potentially reduce the cost associated with additional items including CD-ROMs, user guides and other packaging.
  • Buy or subscribe: Acquire the software outright or pay as you use.
  • Manage cashflow: Reduce up-front expenses by spreading payments over three years.
  • Upgrade fast: Access new versions of software, training and support.
  • Volume discounts: Offer significant savings for growing businesses.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance comes as standard with some volume licensing agreements and enables you to:

  • Upgrade to new versions of software within the term of your Software Assurance.
  • Benefit from vouchers for software training with Microsoft partners, plus an extensive e-learning library.
  • Use licensed software applications at home.
  • Enjoy technical support guaranteed by your licensing agreement.
Software Assurance

Get the licensing deal that works best for your business

If you need more information about what’s right for you, choose from one of our partner experts, who can answer all your questions.

License Package

Right for you if…


Open License You like to save money by buying in bulk
  • A standard licensing agreement suitable for all businesses
  • Licensing agreement lasts for two years, though any software licensed may be used in perpetuity
Open Value You'd like to save money by buying in bulk, plus have Software Assurance built in and spread your payments
  • Designed for businesses that would like payment flexibility
  • Spread the cost of your software licences and Software Assurance over the three-year term of your licensing agreement, with fixed-rate financing from Microsoft
Open Value Companywide You'd like even bigger discounts by buying software for all of your company's PCs, plus the ability to spread your payments
  • Designed for businesses that would like payment flexibility
  • Spread the cost of your licences and Software Assurance over three years and gain additional discounts by standardising software across your computer network
Open Value Subscription You'd like to save money by renting software instead of buying it, as well as the ability to spread your payments
  • Designed for businesses that would like payment flexibility, plus the option to rent licences instead of buying them
  • Increase or reduce the number of licences you are renting on every anniversary of your licensing agreement
Select agreement You have more than 250 PCs with mixed software requirements and are looking for a flexible option
  • Pay as you go purchasing
Enterprise Agreement You have more than 250 PCs and want to license all of your desktops for a three-year period
  • Simplified licence management
  • Access to the latest software
Enterprise Subscription Agreement You want the flexibility to buy only what you need when you need it, with simplified license and budget tracking through a single agreement
  • Subscription based licensing
  • Cost savings over standard license pricing

Microsoft Volume Licensing Training and Accreditation

Stand out from the crowd and become a Microsoft licensing expert. Build expertise on volume licensing and match your organisation's needs with the right licensing solution. Check out the courses available to you and get free training to enhance your skills.

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Get Licensing Ready

The Get Licensing Ready course is a chance to learn about the different Microsoft Volume Licensing options and become a Microsoft Licensing Solutions Specialist. It’s a chance to get certified on Microsoft licensing and put to rest any pain points you may have. There are three levels of Microsoft Licensing Accreditation on the training course:

  • Microsoft Licensing Solutions Specialist Lite
  • Microsoft Licensing Solutions Specialist
  • Microsoft Licensing Solutions Expert
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