I need to make sure I’m in touch with everything that’s going on and Office 2010 combines ease of use with a great set of features to give me everything I need.

Shaun Ames, Managing Director


Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, wherever we go, that’s our office… It helps us be so much more efficient.

Lisa McSpirit, Co-Founder of Shine Therapy Services


By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, we avoid maintenance and support expenditure. It’s an effective purchasing model for our business.

Matt Thornington, Managing Director, SunSmart Energy


I like the Microsoft Office 365 experience - it just works… At £4 a month, it’s half what we used to pay and it’s Microsoft doing it, not a small company. It’s a no-brainer.

David Magnus, Owner, The Clean Bean


The whole family are keen users of Office 2010 - it really is essential for keeping us all organised and on top of what we need to do.

Richard Pidgeon, Founder


We’ve already reduced costs by moving to the cloud and, with Windows Intune, that savings continues to increase. … [W]e expect that using Windows Intune will help us save up to 15 per cent in operating costs.

Craig Marsden, Technical Sales Manager, Care Micro


We are dedicated to the discovery of drugs that will help improve people’s lives. With Windows Small Business Server 2011, we have a platform to help us get there.

Lui Franciosi, Chief Operating Officer, Verona Pharma


With Windows 7, we are saving time, safeguarding our data and increasing productivity at the human level.

Paul Flynn, Director, Health and Safety Partnership


With Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, we can deliver inspection results instantly so that customers can expedite engine repairs, resume flights, and save thousands of pounds.

Wyn Davies, Managing Director, Aeroresponse


My telesales person does a lot of work from home. One of the benefits of Microsoft technology is that she can be working in her basement in her house in Fulham and I can be working in my house in Parson’s Green and it’s like we’re in the same office. It makes us more flexible.

Rob Sutherland, Managing Director, Inspired Dwellings


Windows Azure was critical in helping us deliver a scalable, competitive service, generating an excellent return on investment in just a few weeks.

Matt Quinn, Director, IQ Cloud Consulting


Internal usage rights have given us access to the latest technology for our own use and a head start in building our Office 365 business. When it comes to cloud services, we’re all in too!

Ian Loman, Director and Senior Business Improvement Consultant, Adepteq


Small Business Server 2011 has given APR Media a huge boost in capability. Now we have a server that can cope with anything we can throw at it and which lets us cope with problems much better. Not only that but it underpins our future growth plans for our ecommerce business and sets us up for the future.

Leigh Sampson, Financial Controller, APR Media Ltd


With Windows Small Business Server 2011, I’m not worrying about the reliability of our IT infrastructure. I can see the health status of the server, the network, and all the clients at a glance.

Mark McCormack, Cofounder and Director, Talking Tables


Thanks to Microsoft, everything’s online and we’re completely paperless which is great… The other benefit of hosting with Microsoft is having a backup. Our data is much more secure than having it on a local server.

Tony Gibbs, Sales Director, Macbeth


Now our sales teams can review everything up to the previous day’s trading. They find it much easier to analyse buying behaviors and patterns, such as what customers are buying and where they are buying it from… By managing our retail business very tightly, we hope to make bottom-line savings.

Peter Gray, Service Delivery Manager, Business Technology, Reliance Petroleum


From my point of view, from a top-level IT perspective telephony is not as important as the integration of presence, chat, voicemail-to-email, and the ability to work wherever you are. These are much more of a business win.

Jeremy Garside, Head of Technology, London Symphony Orchestra


In the past, our users had to download an entire file to view it.... But with Silverlight, you can stream the information, and that’s a big benefit for us.

Saty Gahir, Enterprise Content Manager, The Football Association


With Windows Phone 7, Energizer can connect employees to Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office so they can send email, edit presentations, or record and share meeting notes directly from the phone while also providing the personal experiences employees want.


NetBenefit wants to be a niche provider of premium virtualization and cloud services, and with System Center 2012, we have the tools we need to reach our goal.

Michael Green, Senior Product Manager, Managed Hosting, NetBenefit


My analysts can pull the data and build basic reports themselves... It empowers people to focus on their trends and then act on them.

Tim Lum, Head of Business Intelligence at Kelkoo


It was important for Sky IQ to choose a delivery partner that understood the importance of user adoption in creating a successful CRM strategy.

Emanuel Caraza, Head of Cloud, Cirquent UK


We have deployed Lync to most of our offices around the world and it has greatly improved our communication, especially to those offices outside the SEA region.

TG Kintanar, Director, Information Technology & Telecommunications, QI Group


For 10 years, we have been able to specify what we want Microsoft Dynamics NAV to do and then roll out new functionality or customize it to meet those needs.

Peter Jacob, Corporate IT Manager, Ahmad Tea


In partnership with Microsoft, we can serve public-sector clients with an unbeatable combination of insight, responsiveness, and technology.

Mark Campbell, Vice President, Public Sector, Hitachi Consulting

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