Access websites quickly using Windows 8 'Pin' feature

Wednesday 20 February 2013

The new touch-friendly 'Start' menu on Windows 8 can be "incredibly useful", it has been claimed.

Writing for Business Insider, Robert Libetti said that although the new format takes some getting used to at first, it has a number of great features.

Among these is the ability to pin bookmarked websites and favourite apps to the 'Start' screen, the writer said.

In a video on the news provider's website, Mr Libetti explained how to take advantage of this feature.

Firstly, users need to open Internet Explorer and access the web page they wish to locate on the 'Start' menu.

Then they press the 'Pin' icon, which gives the user the opportunity to edit the name of the site they wish to bookmark.

Once this has been done, the Windows 8 user has access to an easy shortcut to the website.

This feature can help small business employees access websites they commonly use instantaneously, without the need to use the URL bar in their browser.

Posted by Sarah Parish