Analytics must be embedded in company culture, says analyst

Friday 5 April 2013

Companies seeking to maximise the return on investment from their business intelligence solutions must consider the wider culture of their organisation, it has been claimed.

A new Aberdeen Group report contends that few firms see success merely by dropping business intelligence solutions into the hands of their employees.

The firm said that immediate success is unlikely, adding that companies need to cultivate analytical thought, culture, and activity over time.

Report author Michael Lock, vice-president and principal analyst in Aberdeen Group's business intelligence practice, said the companies that are most successful are those which grasp the holistic view of analytics.

By creating a culture of evidence-based decision making, and investing in the necessary technology solutions to do the job, they can reap the benefits of enhanced business execution, he claimed.

"In addition to promoting the benefits of greater usage and adoption, the latest philosophy of embedded analytics focuses on building stronger analytical minds," Mr Lock stated.

He said this can be achieved by infusing intuitive analytical capabilities within the core daily processes and activities of a business decision maker.

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Posted by Sarah Parish