BYOD schemes require stakeholder engagement

Thursday 14 February 2013

In order to roll out bring your own device (BYOD) schemes successfully, business leaders need to engage stakeholders in discovery, it has been claimed.

Writing for Midsize Insider, Marissa Tejada said the biggest benefit of BYOD is a happier, more productive workforce.

"But that can't happen if your workers don't support the process," she noted.

Ms Tejada urged business leaders to follow four steps to get everyone on board.

Firstly they need to identify stakeholders, and create a manageable-but-representative committee of key influencers from all relevant departments, she said.

"Be sure to include the chief executive or a designated representative so you have buy-in and visible support from the top," Ms Tejada stated.

Next, it is important to identify targets, she said.

Ms Tejada noted that using the committee, they need to create and prioritise a list of necessary applications and desired use cases for personal devices.

"IT will ultimately decide which devices to support, but a quick poll of your committee can identify promising places to start the evaluation," she said.

Lastly, Ms Tejada said it is important to work with legal and HR to build policies, service and support agreements and other procedures.

Posted by Alex Boardman