Be considerate when working remotely, employees urged

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Business professionals need to be considerate of other people when working remotely, it has been claimed.

Writing for ZDNet, James McKendrick noted that mobile gear is being adopted for remote work faster than ever before.

This allows many workers to get things done almost anywhere, he stated.

"While the local coffee shop is always a decent place to get busy, in most large cities there are great venues for remote workers that must not be overlooked," Mr McKendrick added.

But wherever people choose to work, they need to respect common etiquette and avoid disrupting other people using the same space, he stated.

"No matter where you end up working, it is important to be considerate of the venue and other visitors," Mr McKendrick noted.

"Loud behaviour is simply not to be tolerated if you wish to be allowed to return, so working quietly is an absolute must."

He urged remote workers to use headphones to keep the noise down.

And if there is a need to make a phone call - perhaps to the office, or a customer - businesspeople should always go outside, Mr McKendrick added.

Posted by Alex Boardman