Blog: Office 365 offers access to specialist support

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Customer service

Using Office 365 enables businesses to benefit from external security support - and this can make a big difference to many companies.

When firms embrace productivity solutions in the cloud, they gain access to the specialist support provided by the vendor.

In the case of Office 365, Microsoft takes much of the responsibility for security and reliability - alleviating the pressure on the end-user.

The software suite is powered by Microsoft servers, rather than those hosted on-site by individual businesses.

As such, an IT glitch at the customer end should not have such a serious impact on businesses.

Office 365 services are delivered from remote data centres, ensuring their accessibility 24/7.

Specialist vendor support enables businesses' IT teams to focus on other tasks, rather than simply ensuring business continuity.

They can concentrate on making the most out of technology assets and adding value to their organisation.

Posted by Sarah Parish