Blog: Staying up to date with technology in the cloud

Friday 19 April 2013

Customer service

Staying on the pulse with technology gives businesses the best possible chance of maximising efficiencies and keeping costs under control.

Particularly in the cloud computing age, the pace of IT innovation is rapid. New products and solutions are being released all the time, with the promise of making business leaders' or employees' lives easier.

And in a tough economic climate, with margins under pressure, this can make a huge difference to UK enterprises.

The difference between making a profit and a loss may not always be huge - this can rest on a few fundamental decisions made by the company leader.

But the greater the functionality they can offer their people - in terms of technology assistance - the greater the likelihood they can drive revenue from a low cost base.

Companies operating in the cloud have every opportunity to make regular upgrades, since they have not made a significant up-front investment in on-premise technology.

The IT solutions they are using are delivered on a subscription basis, meaning there is always the opportunity to upgrade should a more advanced alternative arrive on the market.

Many companies have taken advantage of this pay-per-use model to scale up to the new Office 365 version - Small Business Premium - which offers enhanced productivity features for such companies.

Firms which have upgraded their account can take advantage of a wider range of solutions, enabling employees to work more effectively for any location and - in theory - improve performance and output.

Businesses which harness the power of the new Office version have opportunities to steal a march on their rivals, by delivering superior customer service and achieving higher rates of productivity.

Posted by Sarah Parish