Businesses falling down on social collaboration, analyst claims

Thursday 4 April 2013

Businesses are failing to maximise the value of social collaboration initiatives, a leading analyst firm has claimed.

Research conducted by Gartner indicated that although seven in ten companies are now using social technologies, just ten per cent are achieving measurable gains.

Anthony Bradley, group vice president at the firm, said that without a well-crafted and compelling purpose, most social media initiatives will fail to deliver business value.

He said the 'provide and pray' approach delivers access to a social collaboration technology and then simply hopes something comes good of it.

Mr Bradley noted that in most instances, there is little return on this investment.

"The underlying reason is usually that the organisation did not provide a compelling cause around which a community could form and be motivated to provide their time and knowledge," he stated.

"In other words, purpose was lacking."

According to Gartner, social collaboration initiatives need participant magnetism, community draw, organisational value, low risk and to promote evolution in order to succeed.

Businesses may also wish to consider other customer relationship management approaches, as they strive to earn and retain customer loyalty.

Posted by Sarah Parish