Businesses must offer something different on networking sites

Monday 28 May 2012

Businesses should look to offer something which differentiates them when marketing using social networking websites, it has been suggested.

Patricia Davidson, online consultant and founder of, said it is important for companies to always focus on the task in hand and not go off subject.

Companies need to ensure the customer is placed at the centre of their social media strategy, she stated.

"Be personal, friendly, interesting and offer something different that makes you outstanding," Ms Davidson stated.

She suggested that specialist knowledge, offers and buying tips - delivered over social media - can help raise the profile of their brands and develop customer loyalty.

Ms Davidson advised businesses to avoid focusing too much on driving sales via social media.

"People get bored very quickly when social media channels are just used as marketing tools," she warned.

Last week, Mike Seddon, founder of KKSmarts, said small businesses need to have a clear idea of who their customer is if they are going to drive sales using social media.

He said that for a lot of companies in the business-to-business space LinkedIn is a "good bet", while Facebook is more suited to a younger audience.

Posted by Jenny Arthur