Businesses waking up to social media potential

Thursday 30 August 2012

Some businesses have rapidly identified the business potential of social media, it has been claimed.

Dean van Leeuwen, international partner at, said companies are using networking websites to strike up conversations with consumers.

They are also utilising the channel in a bid to strengthen relationships with customers and staff, he claimed.

"I don't get the majority of companies who ban Facebook, Twitter, et cetera," Mr van Leeuwen stated.

"Social media is the way in which today's young generation of talent communicate and get their news."

He said prohibiting the use of social media would be akin to banning newspapers from the workplace 20 years ago.

Mr van Leeuwen claimed that banning social media "makes no sense at all", saying business leaders need to treat employees like adults.

"Trust is a massive competitive advantage in today's workplace," he stated.

"The companies that go beyond the hype of social media and recognise it as a vehicle for building trust, dialogue and connections will be the winners of the future."

Posted by Jenny Arthur